Welcome to Sydney International Airport 

Hub Manager: ALT2016 Leon Homan 


Assistant Hub Manager: ALT2063 Malek Turk

Kingsford Smith International

Welcome to Altair's Sydney hub.

We are based at the Kingsford Smith International airport.

Being the  most isolated of the Altair hubs, we inevitably fly both passengers and cargo or sometimes a jolly mix of the two. 

Through the magic of MS Flightsimulator, we have the whole fleet of Altair aircraft at our disposal and in addition, you may also take to the skies in any other aircraft you may have acquired from other sources.

We mostly do local commuter hops to places like Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and Canberra.
For the longhaul enthusiasts, there are a wealth of destinations to choose from. Starting with Perth which is about three hours away by air, to some really far away places like Hong Kong, South Africa, The Americas and Europe.

Once you're done with earning your keep, you may want to dump all those pesky charts and IFR procedures, grab something small and rugged from the hangar and go bush flying somewhere in the Outback. On a par with places like Alaska, Australia is one of the premier bush flying destinations in the world.

Whatever your style, you're welcome in Sydney and we look forward to extending our hospitality to all pilots, so please feel free to join us at YSSY.

Real World Events

Those of you lucky enough to be able to attend, here's a list of real world events in Australia courtesy of the guys at Aeroclub.

                                                • Apr 20-22 Shute Harbour, QLD, C200 Series Association Autumn Fly In
                                                • May 5-7 Childers, QLD, Wings & Wheels
                                                • May 6 Wagga Wagga, NSW, Wagga City Aero Club monthly BBQ Lunch
                                                • May 11-13 Birdsville, QLD, Birdsville Bronco Branding
                                                • May 12-13 Maryborough, QLD, Wings, Warbirds and Wheels
                                                • May 14 Jindabyne Airfield, NSW, Seaplanes Australia Open Day
                                                • May 19-20 Bankstown Airport, NSW, Sydney Aviation and Car Show


                                                Airspace and Scenery 

                                                Details regarding Australian airspace can be found here. It is mostly aimed at the airtraffic controllers but it also serves as an excellent guideline to pilots. 

                                                Vista Australis is the most amazing piece of freeware scenery that I have seen and I have it on authority from a thouroughbred Australian citizen that the scenery is well worth it. There is now a permanent link at the top right hand corner of this page.


                                                For more information, you can contact myself or my assistant hub manager. Our e-mail is at the top of the page. Please drop us a line for any suggestions, queries or questions you might have.

                                                Happy flying.

                                                Leon Homan
                                                HM YSSY

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                                                1. Kim Martin (13.20)

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                                                1. Ian Cook
                                                2. Bill Thomson
                                                3. Napoleon Homan
                                                4. Chris Winter
                                                5. Scott Braiding

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